A really huge thank you to all of those who sent in pieces for consideration. There were many, many more than I had hoped for, of excellent quality and great variety. I am still going through them all – almost done though – and working to put together a cohesive collection. I will be getting back to everyone over the next two weeks as I finalise the shape of Deliberate.

Thank you for your patience, and please keep checking for updates.



Update: 18 June, 2015

The deadline has passed for the call for contributions, and I have been amazed at not only the responses and number of contributions, but the kind and thoughtful notes that accompanied them. Thank you.

I look forward to reading them, and I hope to notify contributors in July. In the meantime, I am still compiling resources for WOC graduate students, and I would appreciate any links and leads.


Deadline June 15th

There are only a few days left to send in pieces for consideration to Deliberate: The Experiences of Women of Colo(u)r Graduate Students. The response has been encouraging, the work sent in so far inspiring and eye-opening. In addition, I have been making connections with current, former, and future WOC graduate students across the world, and the companionship through this journey is reassuring.

I am still collecting resources, and would gratefully accept any sent my way. I will be adding a page to this site compiling the links to organisations, publications, and groups.

Thank you for your interest and support, and I look forward to more amazing contributions.


Compiling Resources

Thank you, to all of you for spreading the word in Canada, across the US, in Europe, and Australia. I have received messages of support and exciting queries from contributors. I’m looking forward to seeing how Deliberate takes shape.

As women of colour, the Internet has been a valuable place to build community, access support, and find community. Social media has helped me to find many, many women of colour academics throughout the world, and I have enjoyed the interactions I have had.

I’m not on Facebook, but I’ve been wondering if there is a social networking presence, such as a group within a database that not only connects WOC academics, but also showcases their research. If you do know, please email me, or post in the comments. I’d like to start building links to already existing sites. In fact, please feel free to email with any links to web sites you may have found valuable, and I will compile these links and post them here for others to find. And if such a resource already exists, please let me know and I will link directly to it instead.

Thank you,


One week, and on inclusivity

It has been one week since the call for contributions went out, and the response has been stunning. I did not anticipate the potential reach of the call, and it has been quite heartening to receive emails, queries, proposals, and contributions from around the world. Thank you to all of you for forwarding the call to friends and listservs, posting links, tweeting announcements, and supporting. I appreciate it.

It has also been affirming – despite our perceived and experienced invisibility, isolation, and loneliness, there are a lot of us out of there. In my own life as a doctoral student, I now feel a little less alone, a little less… unusual.

In response to questions that I have received asking for clarification on how I would define “women of colour” – the simple answer is that I don’t. I consider “women of colour” to be as inclusive as it potentially can be in myriads of complicated ways. I am happy to consider contributions from anyone who self-identifies as a woman of colour in any way.

I look forward to hearing from future/current/past WOC grad students. And thank you for your support in helping to spread the word.