Call for Contributions

The call for contributions is now closed. Thank you to all of those who sent in pieces and proposals.

A PDF version of this call for contributions can be downloaded by clicking here.

Contributions by cis/trans/non-gender conforming women of colour current, former, and prospective graduate students in all research fields are invited in the form of:

  1. academic research (scholarly articles, research notes, responses, literature surveys, etc.)
  2. non-fiction (first-person narratives, journalistic works, personal essays, etc.)
  3. creative texts (poetry, plays, non-traditional prose, etc.).

The topics below are meant to serve as suggestions for some of the possible themes and topics that are of interest within the context of women of colour undertaking graduate studies.

  • Presences and absences
  • Re-defining and re-creating community/ies
  • On survival
  • Possibilities for radical action
  • Intersections of, with, and beyond sexuality/class/culture/spirituality/ability/etc.
  • Definitions and presentations of truth
  • WOC bodies, academic spaces
  • Researching WOC/researching as WOC
  • Decision-making in completing or not completing a graduate degree
  • Social and familial relationships
  • Resiliency
  • Celebration
  • Ceremony

Information for Contributors

  • Please email manuscripts in .docx or .rtf format to contact[at]nehalelhadi[dot]com
  • All manuscripts should be double-spaced and include a cover page with the title of the piece, author’s name, contact information, and a short bio (max. 150 words)
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted, but please notify us immediately if your work will be published elsewhere
  • Contributions should be a maximum of 15,000 words, and formatted according to MLA guidelines; there is no minimum word count
  • Queries are welcome – please include an abstract or proposal that takes into account deadlines
  • Completed submissions are due June 15, 2015
  • Publication date: TBD


  •  artwork contributions will be considered for the cover – please email a lo-res file or link (preferred)

For more information and to keep updated on the progress of the anthology, please visit


4 thoughts on “Call for Contributions

  1. thisisdarren says:

    Ciao! I have forwarded the call to several student groups active in these areas at York University. I would like to request information regarding whether or not the call is open to trans and gender non-conforming people. Please let me know!


    • nehal says:

      Thank you so much for your support in spreading the word! The call is open to trans and gender non-conforming people, and I look forward to the contributions!


      • thisisdarren says:

        Thank you, Nehal. Glad to learn of the openness of the call. Can you add that information to the version posted on the website? I imagine that other versions circulating are beyond editing at this point…


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